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jueves, 25 de agosto de 2011

'Identity 'Matters' - presentation

My main research for this project was focused on the formation and deformation of identity, particularly in how the ‘self’ is seen as a social construct.
My methodology was autobiographical and empirical, using my own life experiences.
In my research also notions and practices explored were body art, migration and postcolonial theories.
My sources consisted of theatre of the absurd, symbolism, Coco Fusco, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, among others.
I wanted to create a dialogue between fine and performance art. Video, sound and design were important attributes of this performance and installation.
I tried to present a fairly serious topic (Identity Politics) in a multi-layered and multi-textured approach.
I devised this performance as a ritual within a metaphorical multimedia museum setting that became interactive and performative with the audience being implicated and witness.
I based this performance in 5 identities, where 5 materials where used, as were 5 actions; together with 5 filmed contrasting locations representative of my own ‘non-belonging’.
I collaborated with the artist Vago Tedosio (in video and sound) and Carolina Rieckhof (in space installation and costume design).
My role in the project consisted of concept, direction, production and performance.
One of my primary aims was to make the audience think about the process of Identity Formation and to this end I presented an iconoclastic performance.
I tried to achieve this by creating 5 interactive ritualized performance spaces centring on gender, nationality, social/economic, professional/occupational and psychosocial.
I also presented and inner performance area where I literally peeled off my identity in the practice.

miércoles, 1 de junio de 2011

Video-Interventions >> Location hunting

The Comedy Theatre in Leicester Square >> Ocupational Identity intervention

Hampton Court Palace >> Socio-economical Identity intervention

Kent Beaches >> Psycho-social Identity Intervention

St. Paul Cathedral >> Gender Identity Intervention

Consulate of Peru in London >> National Identity Intervention

The Progress >> Costume Design

The Making >> The Costume

Carolina and Lorena